HL Insulation


Some of our most important references:

Petrochemical industry:

Client                Project/Location                      Works                                                 Year

Neste OilDiesel project, Kilpilahti, Finland       Piping and Equipment insulation2005 – 2007
Borealis PolymersMaintenance works, Kilpilahti, Finland Piping and Equipment insulation2009 - 2012
Neste Oil NExBTL Biodiesel plant, SingaporePiping, Equipment & Storage tank insulation    2009 - 2010 


Energy industry:           

Client               Project/Location                        Works                                                 Year

AETWestern Wood, Wales           Boiler plant insulation                     2007      
Metso PowerPorin Prosessivoima, FinlandBoiler plant insulation 2008
Metso PowerFortum Tartu, EstoniaBoiler plant insulation 2008
Metso PowerKalmar Energi, SwedenBoiler plant insulation 2009
Foster WheelerJyväskylän Energia, FinlandBoiler plant insulation 2009
Metso PowerLahti Energia, FinlandBoiler plant insulation 2011
Foster Wheeler205 MW CFB Boiler, Polaniec, PolandBoiler plant insulation 2011 - 2012
Hitachi Zosen InovaWaste to Energy Boiler Plant, Vantaa, FinlandBoiler plant insulation 2013
Alstom Power Systems300 MW CFB Boiler Plant, Narva, EstoniaBoiler plant insulation ongoing


Shipbuilding industry, Pulp & Paper industry, Others:

Client               Project/Location                         Works                                                 Year 

STX Europe"Oasis of the Seas", Turku Shipyard    Various area insulation works                       2008 - 2009
STX Europe"Allure of the Seas", Turku ShipyardVarious area insulation works 2009 - 2010
STX EuropeP&O Ferries, Rauma ShipyardTurnkey insulation of 2 vessels 2009 - 2011
UPM KymmeneValki Project, Tervasaari,FinlandEquipment and Piping insulation 2007
EkokemRiihimäki plant, FinlandMaintenance insulation works 2006 - 2010
Metso AutomationVarious projects, worldwideFire proof boxes 2005 - 2010

Further reference information can be given upon separate request.